Gemstones & Crystals

We use various materials in our work on the basis of their aesthetic beauty and merit. To avoid divisions and categorisations, we have decided to make a simple list of materials in alphabetical order. Nevertheless, it is important to provide some basic information that usually creates confusion. So, to make it really simple and only to lay a foundation for further investigation, here’s a little attempt to make communication easier.

Best to start with minerals, solids with fixed chemical formulas. made by inorganic processes. Composites of one or more different minerals are stones and they form together to make a rock. Crystals are a special kind of minerals (that have flat faces meeting at regular angles). We can say that all crystals are minerals, however not all minerals are crystals. Gemstones are a subset of crystals, minerals or fossilized organic substances (Amber, Coral, Jet, Pearl, Petrified wood, Shell) that are cut and polished. Gemstones are subdivided into precious and semi-precious stones. This is a (commercial based) classification where precious stones are Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire (the „big 4“) and the others are semi-precious.