About Us

„WHAT AM I NOW THAT I WAS THEN?“ (Delmore Schwartz)

   An attempt to repair a favorite necklace led to an amazing journey that has lasted for 40 years. For someone being a fashion designer by education, this repair has resulted in years of self-taught craft of jewelry making. The bliss of ignorance fostered own original techniques and unusual combinations. Work with shells and gemstones revealed a true passion and beadwork shifted to silversmithing and a continuous series of collections with thousands of seemingly disparate designs with an eternally recognizable signature over the years. Whether the inspiration were the diversities of New York, the grays of London, the calmness of Zagreb or many colors of the small Adriatic islands of Silba and Rab, the main design criterion was always „this is what I want to wear“.
   Two passionate jewelry lovers, a mother and a daughter, created a brand that conceptually and creatively fuses different generations committed to producing unfading style tools. Jewelry for us is both a beautiful object as well as a coded message. A token and a classic that will adapt to your moods, changes in fashion and stages of life; a statement, or a conversation starter, it can be pulled out of the jewelry box whenever your attire can benefit from a touch of personal history. Classics were born innovative, bold and unique and our established design formula could be best described by a poet
 La Nature est un temple oû de vivants piliers 
 Laissent parfois sortir de confuses paroles; 
 L’homme y passé à travers des forêts de symbols 
 Qui l’observent avec des regards familiers 
 (Charles Baudelaire)