Pink Lace Ring

580,00 kn



This masterfully crafted statement ring is designed to highlight the natural beauty of each stone placed in this gorgeous Sterling Silver setting. Soft, soothing patterns of Blue Lace Agate, combined with the romantic, waxy sheen of Rose Quartz and brilliant, eye-catching dazzle of Pink Zircon, all finished with intricate, hand pulled and bent pure Silver wire work, give this piece a unique appearance that exudes elegance.



  • Pink Zircon, Rose Quartz & Blue Lace Agate
  • Pure & Sterling Silver
  • Size 7 (17.5 mm) approx.
  • Adjustable Size + 1
  • L 3.1 cm x W 2.5 cm x D 0.8 cm approx.
  • Ring Band Width 0.5 cm
  • 13 g