Mermaid Necklace

800,00 kn


Fit to adorn a goddess of the sea, this absolutely stunning creation is like a breath of fresh ocean air. Unparalleled in its uniqueness, this nautical beauty is created with a passion for shell crafting and their mesmerizing colors that bring a sense of calm to the soul. Masterfully arranged pieces of various Shells and Pearls are perfectly placed to fit into each other while suspended from four strands of leather, holding them tightly with a macramé technique to achieve this gorgeously glistening layered ensemble. As the crown piece of the Nereid collection, this one of a kind adornment is an awe-inspiring sculpture ideal for a summery statement, providing the wearer with a pelagic punch of individuality.



  • Various Shells (Abalone Shell, Mother of PearlAbalo,…)
  • Freshwater & Seawater Pearls
  • Three Strands of Brown Leather
  • Adjustable Length 38 cm + 10 cm approx.
  • Width 5.6 cm approx.
  • Depth 0.8 cm approx.
  • 76.4 g