“Hope” Multi-gem Silver Cross Pendant

1.360,00 kn


An everlasting symbol that represents a divine source of light and power; an instrument of liberation and protection; faith in it’s purest form, combined with a breathtaking floral motif that represents growth and the act of giving, rather than receiving. This magnificent, hand crafted piece is an ode to seeing light in spite of being surrounded darkness.  A combination of powerful stones such as Amethyst (symbol of wisdom and true faith), Lapis Lazuli (symbol of ultimate protection and cosmic power), Zirconium (unseen God) and Opal (symbol of wonders and miracles), unifies powerful energies in a single, gorgeous piece that will protect the mind, body and soul of its wearer, while being a stupendously beautiful adornment.



  • Oval Cabochon Opal 0.8 cm x 0.0.6 cm approx.
  • Faceted Oval Opal 0.4 cm x 0.3 cm approx.
  • 4 x Pear Shaped Brilliant Cut Amethyst 0.6 cm x 0.4 cm approx.
  • 4 x Oval Cabochon Lapis Lazuli 0.7 cm x 0.5 cm approx.
  • 4 x Faceted Marcasite Ø 0.1 cm approx.
  • Circular Brilliant Cut Zirconium Ø 0.2 cm approx.
  • Pure & Sterling Silver
  • L 6.5 cm x W 4.3 cm x D 0.9 cm approx.
  • 23.3 g