Celtic Oval Moonstone Ring

420,00 kn



Elegantly minimalist with a simple design, this subtly ornamented Sterling Silver ring is made to highlight and celebrate the enchanting nature of Moonstone. Soft iridescent shimmer of blue hues, delicately catching even the slightest rays of light, resemble a painted landscape of moonlight on a clear night sky. Not only is it a gorgeous adornment ideal for finishing any look, Moonstone is known as a powerful talismanic stone for “new beginnings”. It soothes emotional instability and stress, providing peace and calmness to the wearer.



  • Moonstone
  • Pure & Sterling Silver
  • Size 7.5 (18 mm) approx.
  • Adjustable Size ± 1
  • L 2.6 cm x W 1.8 cm x D 1 cm approx.
  • Ring Band Width 0.6 cm
  • 12 g


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