Brilliant Chic Triple Amethyst Ring

840,00 kn



Known as a stone worn by royalty and the Clergy throughout the ages, Amethyst was a stone once more valuable than a Diamond. No description is more fitting for a piece this magnificent as is the word regal. Beautifully faceted massive Amethyst stone placed in the center, shines glamorously reflecting even the weakest rays of light. Wondrous hues of purple eye-catchingly dancing with every movement. A ring this luxurious is designed to serve as a crown jewel only for those who deem themselves worthy of it.



  • Square Step Cut Amethyst & 2 x Triangular Step Cut Amethyst
  • Sterling Silver
  • Size 7 (17.5 mm) approx.
  • L 2 cm x W 2.4 cm x D 0.9 cm approx.
  • Ring Band Width 0.5 cm
  • 21 g


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