Asymmetric Amber & Coconut Touch Wood Earrings

500,00 kn


Fun and original doesn’t even begin to describe these striking statement earrings. Combining uniquely shaped pieces of Coconut Wood with purposefully mismatched chunks of honey-colored Amber brings forth a playful design that will make people turn heads in awe just to take another glance. As part of the Touch Wood collection, these earrings pay tribute to ancient legends regarding the spirits hidden in pieces of wood that aid in avoiding misfortune and prevent us from tempting fate. United with mesmerizing fossilized tree resin, that is Amber, known for bringing good luck and prosperity, these gorgeously eye-catching earrings are not only a great accessory but also a mystical charm that adds a little magic to your life.




  • Drop Earrings
  • Yellow Amber
  • Sterling Silver
  • L 7.5 cm x W 2.5 cm approx.
  • 10.6 g/pair