We sell parts to all European countries and across the world.

Contract information:

following more detailed information must be provided before you make a purchase:
◾e-mail address of the trader
◾any delivery restrictions in certain countries
◾the right to cancel your order within 7 days
◾available after-sales services
◾dispute resolution mechanisms
◾trade register number of the trader
◾professional title and VAT details of the trader (if applicable)
◾professional association to which the trader belongs (if applicable)

Pricing and payments

For online purchases, you should explicitly acknowledge – for example by pressing a button – that you are aware that placing your order implies an obligation to pay.
You must give your consent to any additional payment requested by the trader, for example express delivery or adding more orders to the package. A trader is not allowed to charge you for these services unless you explicitly opted for them.
A trader can change the price of any article at any time, that is before the purchase has been made. After the purchase was made, price canot be changed if explicitly not agreed by both sides for any unforeseen reasons.

Shipping and delivery

If you do not collect your purchase straight away or have ordered it for delivery at home the trader should deliver it to you within 30 days – unless you specifically agreed on a different delivery time.

Thank you for reading, we wish you a successful purchase!